How To Mix Up Your Bench Press Programs

So you are at a point where you really want to develop your chest muscles? You have been trying to get into shape, noticed some decent results and now, what to take your body to the next level. Here are a few tips from beginner to advanced to help you put size and strength on.

First and foremost, you need to have a good form when you are lifting weights. Rather than throwing around heavy weight while risking injury, why not utilize a comfortable weight where you can control the movement to give your body the pump and workout that it really needs. Common exercises include flat bench, decline bench and also incline bench press. Mix up your repetitions from eight to twelve for about four to five sets.

After about 2 months of utilizing this exercise, you should have enough strength that you can use dumbbells. Dumbbells are an excellent way to control the movement even further with your chest muscles. Try exercises like presses and flies also for about two months.

You can appreciate that push-ups are a great mass builder and toner for your body. Try to get into the habit of doing push-ups and increasing the amount of how many you can do comfortably. You will achieve a great workout also for your shoulders and triceps as part of this. Just remember to put your chest into three categories, upper, middle and lower chest.

Strength training is really big so the use of cables and resistance machines should also be part of your training schedule. Your body will get used to movement usually quite quickly so it is wise to change up your routine every 2 to 3 months or so. Be sure to also change how many reps you do and how much time you take between sets. It all depends what your overall fitness goals are looking like.