Do You Visualize Whilst You Are Doing Breathing Exercises?

Q. I find breathing exercises very boring is there anything I can do to make less boring?

Have you ever used visualization when you are doing your breathing exercises, a lot of people think that breathing exercises are only a manner of sitting down and concentrating as they inhale exhale, which to the outsider can seem as being very boring and monotonous but here's a few things you can try out the next time, try?

? concentrating on a particular colour on inhalation and another colour on exhalation (for example some colour you link with calmness or purity, and another colour for stress or impurity)

? having a picture in your mind of your body and as you breathe in, think of all the extra parts of your lungs that have been under used because of bad breathing habits.

? Taking a breath and picturing the air coming into your body from different areas (such as the soles of the feet for example.)

It can especially seem complicated for beginners when starting out to do breathing exercises as you can?t see the muscles that they are working on but by visualizing their lungs in action in their mind it makes it all the easier to do?and remember when you?re doing your breathing exercises you're not really learning anything new but undoing all the bad habits you've picked up over the years.

Getting Exercise In Everyday Life

These type of Exercises generally makes your body strong and firm. No matter, you are Exercising or Muscle Building or Body Building, these exercises are quite handy and help a lot.

Here are few Anytime and Anywhere Exercises:-

a) Crunch

Lie down on the floor on your back with your feet up on the couch or something. Give support to your neck with the help of cushion. Place your buttocks as near as possible to the couch. Lock your elbows. Now slowly raise your head off the ground just a few inches. Hold on to the raised position for 2 secs and then slowly come down.

Repeat this exercise 20 times to make one will really build your abs and you will feel it.

b) Raising your Toes and then coming down.

Stand on a floor flatfooted with toes pointing onto something to balance yourself. Now VERY SLOWLY, raise your toes as high as possible. Hold on for 2 secs and come down very gently and slowly. Repeat it 20 times to make one set.

c) Push ups

Lie down on the floor facing towards the floor with your body weight on your slowly , push your body up keeping your back straight and facing right ahead. Hold onto 2 secs and then slowly bring your body back to the starting position.

Repeat it 5-10 times in the beginning and then try to practice this exercise 20 times per set.

d) Wall Squat

Stand straight with your back against the wall. Now, gently move your body down to the sitting position. Make sure your back is still against the on to 15 secs and then gently move up keeping your back against the wall again.

Repeat it 5-10 times in the beginning and then try to practice this exercise 20 times per set.

Treadmill is one other important option which works for you 24/7 and 12 months a year even in rains, winter, snow, sun. Know more about treadmills and how to make optimum use of it here before buying it.

You can always try Yoga or Aerobics if you seriously want to shed off some weight .Muscle Building is one great way to keep yourself in shape and burn those extra calories.

How To Mix Up Your Bench Press Programs

So you are at a point where you really want to develop your chest muscles? You have been trying to get into shape, noticed some decent results and now, what to take your body to the next level. Here are a few tips from beginner to advanced to help you put size and strength on.

First and foremost, you need to have a good form when you are lifting weights. Rather than throwing around heavy weight while risking injury, why not utilize a comfortable weight where you can control the movement to give your body the pump and workout that it really needs. Common exercises include flat bench, decline bench and also incline bench press. Mix up your repetitions from eight to twelve for about four to five sets.

After about 2 months of utilizing this exercise, you should have enough strength that you can use dumbbells. Dumbbells are an excellent way to control the movement even further with your chest muscles. Try exercises like presses and flies also for about two months.

You can appreciate that push-ups are a great mass builder and toner for your body. Try to get into the habit of doing push-ups and increasing the amount of how many you can do comfortably. You will achieve a great workout also for your shoulders and triceps as part of this. Just remember to put your chest into three categories, upper, middle and lower chest.

Strength training is really big so the use of cables and resistance machines should also be part of your training schedule. Your body will get used to movement usually quite quickly so it is wise to change up your routine every 2 to 3 months or so. Be sure to also change how many reps you do and how much time you take between sets. It all depends what your overall fitness goals are looking like.

How To Stay Lean And Ripped

Do you want just another ?average body fat? body or are do you want a super lean and ripped body.

Exercise and weight loss are the keys to getting super-lean and ripped. But have you been able to accomplish it and keep it? The problem is body fat. Body fat can be stubborn! And if you?re like most people, you have no idea about how to get your body fat low enough to reveal those ripped abs and extremely defined muscles you work so hard for.

The Problem? You?re going about it completely the wrong way. Let?s consider the approach most body builders and fitness competitors use to keep the body-fat down.

Are you ready for it? Okay, here it is...

The trick is to train and diet in cycles. You want to workout hard for a season, and then ease off for a while to allow maintenance or growth for your body.

No, I?m not talking about getting in great shape, then letting yourself get fat. What I?m talking about is going from good shape to great shape, then easing back off to good shape, continually repeating the process.

It?s that easy.

The truth is that being lean and ?ripped? is not a condition that?s easy nor healthy to maintain on a consistent basis. It?s just too hard to stay there and live a somewhat normal life. And your body will begin to rebel against your efforts and your health (and muscles) will suffer.

Another reason you wouldn?t want to stay super lean and ?ripped? all year round is that you?d have to be on a strict diet all year round. No breaks... no recuperation... no good!

No one can stay on a super-restricted low-calorie diet indefinitely. Sooner or later your metabolism will slow down and then you will have a hard time keeping the fat off. But if you ?cycle? and diet for, say, 3 months, then ease off for a while and eat a little more, then go back to your diet, then eat a little more again, your metabolic rate will be energized. Also, you won?t lose muscle and health this way.

What if you had the power to control your body fat without losing your health? You could get yourself super lean whenever you wanted. You could look your best for all those special occasions like when summer comes, or your trip to the Caribbeans, or for your wedding.

Wouldn?t you like to be in control of your body like that? ?Cycling? is the key. Even if you have no desire to compete, try this cycling approach yourself. It can work as well for you as it does for those elite bodybuilders.

Strengthening Abdominal Muscles With Felicitous Exercises

Abdominal muscles are consists of four groups namely transverses abdominus, rectus abdominus, external oblique muscles, and internal oblique. This muscle group stabilizes the trunk, provides organ stability, and assists in rotation and flexion of the trunk. It is vital to strengthen these muscles to hinder back injuries and to fully support the body?s frame.

Once a person has generously and healthily losses some weight, abdominal muscles must be strengthened and developed. This can be done by doing muscle strengthening exercises.

In most cases, despite the strict influence of a diet and rigorous exercises, six pack abs is still nowhere to be seen. This is basically due to the fact that people find it hard to lower their level of body fats. You may not know but there is a certain fat requirement for the six packs to appear. This required level of fat is much lower to what is needed to keep up one?s daily routine, and lower than the range for normal body functions for most individuals.

Genes may have something to do with it too. If six packs are undeveloped, charge it to your inherited genes. Genes play a great role in your body functions and in developing a six pack abs and flat abdomens. Well, if this is the case, then it is possible not to acquire six packs even with sufficient amount of diet and exercise?

In a lot of cases, the development process of six packs oftentimes needs more exercises than other people?s schedules allow. And the same excess amount of attention must be given to the diet. Therefore, it is not the same for everybody. Because of this reason alone, most people chose to perform exercises and follow diet plans to lose weight rather than foster six packs.

The road to attaining perfectly flat abs and six packs need sufficient level of commitment. But before you embark to start such quest, determine first your reason why you want to achieve such so you will have some motivation in doing so. Will the changes for the betterment of your being?

However, expect that no matter how hard you tried, six packs may have eluded you. Do not be dismayed though, for even without those hard forming muscles clearly defined in your abs, your weight loss and better looking bod is enough for you to feel exceptionally good and well. These wonderful effects are healthy and beneficial for you. The presence of six pack abs is not an indication of a healthy body. After complying a proper and healthy diet and exercise programs for a more pronounced abs, you will eventually feel good about yourself. But if your main goal is not attained which is to have six packs, do not discard all together the other essential benefits you acquired.

It is more important to set achievable and realistic goals than to aim too much or too high. For you not to be flustered and disappointed, work first from shedding off those extra pounds and muscle toning before anything else. Then from there, workout what is necessary to get that six pack abs you wanted to develop.

Total Body Workout ? The Neverfail System ? Part 2

In part 1 of this article we learned about how to apply the Neverfail system to getting and staying in shape.

Also the Total Body Workout routine was explained. Here in part 2, you can find out how the Smart Diet helps in your goal and also putting you in generally good health, and also, a review of the Neverfail system.

The Neverfail System Review

Although used in context of putting yourself in shape, the Neverfail system can be applied to any area of your life that you wish to improve. Say you wish to be better at your job, following the Neverfail system can only help you along in the best possible way. It follows 4 basic principles. They are:

1. Right Resolve. You must decide and believe in your decision to make a positive change

2. Time Management. You must put aside regular time segments, on the days required, and do no deviate from them.

3. Envision the Result. See yourself in your expected success mode. Do not envision yourself with your current state, but actually visualize yourself the way you wish yourself to be.

4. Treat Setbacks as Stepping Stones and NOT Obstacles. If you are building a house and break a few nails, it doesn?t mean to stop building! There will be setbacks, lots of them. Look at them as stepping stones to your goal only. Something like tests you must pass.

Eat Right with a Smart Diet

If you are doing the Total Body Workout, you need to (a) eat your carbohydrates correctly and at the correct time, (b) have quality proteins, and (c) fill your life with fruits and vegetables.

What NOT to eat on the Smart Diet

? Any processed carbonated drinks (colas, and so on)

? Any processed juices. Fresh juices made just before being consumed only

? White sugar

? Fried foods of any kind

? Butter and margarine, and no hydrogenated fats at all, ever!

? Commercial breads, especially white bread

? Carbohydrates and Proteins at the same meal

? More than 2 coffees daily

Smart Diet Guidelines


Eat simple carbohydrates like oatmeal, maybe muesli, or toasted brown bread. Eat as much fruit as you wish, but try to include a grapefruit. This is part of the day you can have honey. Enjoy it.

After Workout

Eat a banana

Protein time. If you can, avoid red meat. If you can?t, eat lean red meat, with salads and vegetables. Lots of tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach should always be included.
Mid-Day Snack

Fruit time. Any mid-day snack must be fruit. Learn to love it. There are over 2000 varieties of fruit available to us.
Try not to eat too late in the day. The later you eat, the less you must eat. An early diner can have some carbohydrates with vegetables, or proteins with vegetables. Do not mix carbohydrates and proteins if you can. The later you eat, means you eat salad. Use only a dressing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and vinegar.


This Smart Diet will not only help you lose fat (weight), but also help you to build the body you envision in your goal.

Workout Routines Are Available For Anyone

No matter what your age, gender, or physical ability there is no reason for you not to get in the best shape that you can be in because workout routines are available for everyone. Everyone can find a routine that is specifically designed to help you in the current shape and abilities that you have. The great thing about these routines is that you can oftentimes find them online and they are free to download, so you can no longer use the excuse that it is too expensive to get started. There are many available routines for workout programs no matter who you are.

Getting Kids Involved

Many of our youth are currently overweight and out of shape in part to the sedentary activities that they now participate in such as video games. Having an overweight child increases the child's chances of developing serious health problems before they even reach adulthood. These problems include diabetes and high cholesterol to name a few. By printing out a workout routine specially designed for kids you can show your child that you believe being in shape is very important.

Routines Are Available for Women

Many times women want to work out but not to actually build muscles but to tone certain areas that they feel are trouble areas on their body. For example many women fear having large thighs and would like to find a routine that just targets that area. You can find workout routines that offer a complete workout for your entire body or you can find routines that offer very specific targeted areas for your body.

muscle building Routines for Men

Men usually are looking for a workout routine that will allow them to add muscle mass to their bodies. Finding these types of routines can also be found online. Many of these types of routines will incorporate weight lifting but make sure that you choose a routine that is right for your current abilities, not where you hope to eventually get to, otherwise you can injure yourself and end up setting yourself back.

Specially Designed Routines for Seniors

The great thing about working out is there is no age limit. There are many specially designed workout routines that are geared towards seniors. These routines usually incorporate exercises geared towards keeping your muscles flexible and exercises that are low impact so your joints aren't damaged. Make sure you check with your doctor before you begin the routine that you have chosen.

It Does Not Matter if You are Out of Shape

Even if you are currently way out of shape you can find a good routine for yourself. These routines are made to start out slowly so that one, you don't hurt yourself and two you don't get frustrated and give up. Getting yourself in shape now can lead towards a healthier life as you age, it will lower your blood pressure, lower your chances of heart attacks, and lower your chances of getting adult onset diabetes. So look for workout routines that are specifically designed towards your current capabilities.

7 Simple Work Out Tips We Can Follow At Any Time, Anywhere

The following article is one of a series of articles which focus on Self Improvement, Motivation and Empowerment. It is based on research done over twenty years as a personal and business coach. This self improvement article was written in response to questions which have been asked on exercising, keeping fit,losing weight and long term weight loss as well as address common challenges that people have with this subject. I sincerely hope that you find the following information of value.

7 Simple Work Out Tips We Can Follow At Any Time, Anywhere

All too often we are so caught up with different daily pressures that we can find it difficult or too time consuming to look after our bodies in the way that we should.
Crazy thing is, if we did make time, we would feel better, be more energetic, and more capable of handling those daily pressures when they come along!

If we don?t have the time however or we don?t have access to exercise or training equipment, how can we make a start at looking after ourselves?

Apart from eating sensibly and healthily, there are a number of quick and simple work out exercises that we can all follow almost at ant time and any where.

Often, a simple work out can make you feel good in a small amount of time. You can squeeze in these moves during lunch break, or even right before an upcoming date. The best part is, these exercises aren?t too demanding, so there will be minimal perspiration involved. Keep in mind that these routines are not meant for advanced trainers looking for serious muscle growth. They are designed to help with our levels of energy and to maintain a healthy and good-looking body within approximately an hour.

Make sure that you have a healthy snack at least one hour before the workout, and a full meal afterwards.

Work Out Tip 1. Cardiovascular and Lower Body

Your cardiovascular work out should consist of a good brisk daily walk for about half an hour. Don?t be a fair weather walker, go out regardless of the weather; just make sure to dress appropriately. An effective alternative to going outside is walking up and down a building staircase. This option is excellent for your heart, as well as maintaining leg muscles. To maintain a constant progression, try to increase your pace on a weekly basis. Set goals and gradually increase your distances. If possible, alter your cardiovascular sessions for an even more effective work out: use the staircase one day, and walk around the block on other days.

Note: please don?t go from being a couch potato to running up and down flights of stairs. After long periods of inactivity it is always advisable to check out your plans with your doctor. It may mean taking things just a bit easier to begin with.

3 Pushup Exercises:

Work Out Tip 2 Basic Pushups

Basic pushups will work your chest area, triceps and rear deltoids. Aim for 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions (depending on your fitness level), and gradually increase the repetitions as the exercise becomes easier to do. Once the movement becomes too easy, you can increase the workout by elevating your feet on a chair to increase resistance.

Lay face down on the floor with your legs extended behind you and your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Your fingertips should be pointed straight ahead, and make sure you keep your back flat and your head in natural alignment with your spine. Get into the starting position by extending your arms straight from your shoulders, which lifts your entire body off the floor. While keeping your body stable, go down until your nose almost touches the floor. Exhale as you push back to the starting position with your chest and triceps. Try not to lock your elbows in order to keep constant tension on your muscles.

Work Out Tip 3 Close-Grip Pushups

Close-grip pushups mostly work the tricep muscles, the inner chest and the trunk muscles. Once again, carry out 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions (according to your fitness level), and gradually increase the repetitions as the movement becomes easier. ? Use the same starting position and breathing pattern as the basic pushup. Bring your hands together and form a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. As you go down to the floor, your elbows should go to the side, which incidentally puts more stress on your triceps and inner chest. Close-grip pushups also require more balance. By stabilizing your body, your trunk muscles will work throughout the entire movement. At first, close-grip pushups might strain your wrists, so make sure you stretch appropriately and start off slowly.

Work Out Tip 4 Wide-Grip Pushups

Wide-grip pushups will work your chest, rear shoulders and parts of your back muscles. Carry out the same sets and reps as aforementioned and gradually increase the reps as the movement becomes easier. ? Use the same starting position and breathing pattern as the basic pushup. Your hands should be positioned beyond shoulder width, with your fingers pointing frontward. The wider position emphasizes the tension on your shoulders and lengthens your pectorals. Wide-grip pushups are more demanding, so you will tire more quickly than with other pushups. The above pushup variations will help keep your upper body muscles strong and fit.

3 Dumbell Exercises

For additional exercises, try these simple work out exercises with dumbells. You will need to select a weight that you are most comfortable with. I have had a neat set for years that have removable heads so I can use weights of either 12, 15 or 18 kg.

Try these work out exercises for a few minutes each?

Work Out Tip 5 Legs

These repetitions will build up muscles in the thigh and buttocks. First, spread your legs to hip length and keep your legs fully extended. Holding dumbbells in each hand and maintaining a straight back, slowly bend your knees until your thighs are level to the floor. Then, slowly return to your original position. Continue this exercise until you tire your legs to the point where you just cannot do any more.

Work Out Tip 6 Chest

In order to work out the pectorals, lie on a bed (stomach up) and hold a weight in each hand above your chest. Keep your arms fully extended with the palms facing each other. Next, lower the dumbbells outwards and down until parallel with your shoulders. Breathe out, and return the weights to starting position. Aim for eight sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Work Out Tip 7 Arms

These exercises will strengthen your biceps. Sit on the edge of a secure chair with your feet placed hip width apart. Hold the weights with palms facing inwards in front of your body. Extend your arm, and curl one dumbbell up at a time in a small arc towards your shoulder. Be sure to rotate your forearm so your palm faces your shoulder at the top of the movement. Aim for three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

NOW is the time!

O.K. you have read the article. Now is the time for action. Without action, this article adds no value whatsoever to your self improvement. But remember, without action, you cannot blame this self improvement article or any article for that matter. So, take action NOW.

Even if only one piece of advice, one piece of information, one tip makes a difference, then the whole article has been worth it for all of us. NOW is the time!

Finding sensible, safe and long term methods of weight loss and weight maintenance takes a lot of research which we have done and continue to do so that we can provide these informative and motivational articles to help you move forward and realize your personal goals and aspirations even if you have been overweight or out of shape for years

Be the person you want to be, you deserve it!