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Examples of those Living the American Dream

As is defined by the American Dream, anyone is capable of becoming successful. It does not matter the background and class from which on was born into. This success is not defined and is according to someone's version. The American Dream does not come from luck, but through sacrifice and hard work. It is deserved. There are many people who have overcome their pasts and in spite of it have worked hard to achieve success and are living the American Dream. This is only a part of it.

For Starters, we have John Rockefeller. He is among the first American business stars. This came even after having rough childhood. He was raised as if by his mother alone since his father, who was a salesman, was always on the road. By partaking in small jobs and the interest he got from lending out his money to neighbours he was able to help out in the family even before hitting sixteen. Working as a bookkeeper for a produce company is among the many other ventures that he involved himself with over the coming years. This way, he acquired a lot of skills which were useful when he joined the oil business. He started a firm now known as the Standard Oil, one of the most successful companies in the U.S. history.

Oprah Winfrey is also among them. She is referred to as the queen of daytime Television. She was born out of wedlock which was the beginning of her difficult childhood. Soon after she was born, her teenage parents separated. This led to her moving in with her grandmother. She led a rebellious life as a teen where she used to even steal. Among the many other rough situations she found herself in is being molested by some family members. Broadcast and media training in high school was her first encounter with her career path. She then moved on to work as a co-anchor for a local newscast by the time he was nineteen. Before becoming the host of a day time talk show, she did other TV jobs after that. Over the years it has become a renowned talk show in America.

We also get to look at Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox. She had to go through a lot before achieving this milestone. She was raised by a single mother who was also a Panamian immigrant. They lived in the New York City Housing Project. She discovered her aptitude for math and figures while attending parochial school. Her teachers would encourage her to pursue a degree in nursing which was more womanly, yet she went ahead and pursued something relating to math and science.

After completing school, she landed a summer internship at Xerox. She continually landed better roles over the years. All this finally led her to be named the Chief Executive Officer of Xerox in July 2009.

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